When Scandinavia is invited to Quimper!

Le Blanc en Couleur: New concept store in Quimper inspired by Scandinavia and its clean, elegant and sustainable universe

Written by Alixe Averty and Anne Jørgensen

It is in the picturesque historic center of Quimper that this beautiful high-end decoration and fashion concept store opened its doors in June 2022.

When luxury Brands tell beautiful Stories

From the beginning, the founder, Murielle Rivoal, wanted to introduce her clients to the finest responsible Scandinavian brands.

Certainly, this concept is not often found in small towns in France. But already 4 months after the opening, it is a success!

Murielle is very pleased that she has succeeded in creating a concept that appeals to both local customers and tourists. Moreover, she serves customers who are in search of quality, as well as acting on their awareness of the environmental challenges and social inequalities in the industry.

“Several of my clients have even asked me where it is possible to find a Le Blanc en Couleur store in Paris. For them, this trendy concept surely must exist in the big avant-garde cities,” says Murielle smiling.

Le Blanc en Couleur, boutique design scandinave à Quimper

Le Blanc en Couleurs, concept store in Quimper

An Innovative and Trendy Concept Store

That this innovative and responsible concept speaks to today’s customers is no doubt explained by several reasons.

Murielle believes that in this challenging world, customers need beautiful quality pieces that make them feel good.

Also, today’s customers are looking for brands with a responsible vision and a strong commitment. Such as taking action against pollution and social inequalities.

Le Blanc en Couleur, boutique style scandinave Quimper
Design scandinave à Quimper
Le Blanc en Couleur, magasin style scandinave Quimper

To highlight these commitments, Murielle has placed small signs in her shop telling the stories and expressing the values of the brands, which she carefully has chosen.

Indeed, the research and selection of brands is a very important step for Murielle.

She particularly likes to work with small-scale companies. This allows her to have a personal relationship with all of the brands. It is the relationship that informs her ability to present their visions in the best way possible.

A Concept with High Potential

In conclusion, the concept of Le Blanc en Couleur is aimed at the modern conscious woman and therefore also finds its place in a small town like Quimper.

As Murielle is devoted to promoting an elegant and sustainable universe, she does not rule out opening more boutiques. All with the same concept: to draw inspiration from Scandinavia and to share the beautiful stories of equally committed brands.

Be sure to visit the store at 5 Rue Amiral de la Grandière