Meet the Person behind Haps Nordic!

Interview: Melis Wilkenschildt, Founder of Haps Nordic

By Alixe Averty and Anne Jørgensen

What is Haps Nordic?

Haps Nordic is a Danish brand that offers trendy and reusable accessories for the kitchen and children. All this with the aim of offering aesthetic and sustainable alternatives to disposable products.

We are all obligated to take care of our Earth and its resources. “For me, it is with Haps Nordic that I want to make a difference.”

Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful products?

“Living next to a small lake at the edge of a forest, I am very inspired by nature. As a result, my recent collection, it is the autumn colors and the seasonal changes that drew my inspiration.”

“When I design products, it’s in my family life with two children and our daily needs that I find new ideas for durable products that make us want to use them as long as possible.

For example, my son has pointed out to me that products with children’s motifs, such as dinosaurs and pirates, are not cool for “big kids”. Therefore, to make sure that children want to use my products for a long time and at all ages, there are no children’s motifs in my collection.”

Melis Wilkenschildt HAPS Nordic

Melis Wilkenschildt, Founder of HAPS Nordic

Can you tell us about the benefits of some products?

Reusable smootie bags

HAPS Nordic Smoothie bags

The reusable smoothie bag is an alternative to pre-made fruit smoothies which often contain a lot of sugar and generate a lot of waste because of their packaging.

The smoothie bag is easy to fill with a healthy smoothie, is also dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again.

HAPS Nordic Bee wrap

HAPS Nordic Cotton Wrap / Bee wrap

The bee wrap is an alternative to aluminum and plastic foil that many families use every day.

The Haps Nordic bee wrap furthermore comes in lots of beautiful colors and designs and can be reused over fifty times. Just wash it in cold water after each use.

What is important in your choice of materials and suppliers?

When I design new products, it is essential for me to choose solid and durable materials. This than allows the products to be reused many times and to last over time, even cross generations.

It is often a time-consuming process to find good suppliers, as they must all present certifications and tests that meet EU requirements and standards.

Why do you think Haps Nordic is so popular in France?

From my experience, the French are very aware of environmental problems and want to act to find solutions. In fact, they share the same values as Haps Nordic.

In addition, many French people love Scandinavian design and its simple and clean style.

What is the future of Haps Nordic and Melis Wilkenschildt?

We are currently working on several important projects.

I sincerely hope to be B-Corp certified and started the process in 2021.

To be able to continue to provide the most responsible products, I constantly look for the best suppliers and materials. In this regard, all our suppliers will consequently be asked to sign a Code of Conduct defined by Haps Nordic.

In short, Haps Nordic’s goal is to continue to minimize food and packaging waste in a responsible and sustainable way. All with attention to Nordic aesthetics and finely tuned color combinations.