SANDERMANN: Daring and Playful Designs, Made of 100% Danish Wool

Written by Alixe Averty and Anne Jørgensen

The Danish fashion designer Stine Sandermann shows us the unlimited potential of a natural and local material as well as responsible fashion that is far from boring.

With heart and a highly creative mindset, Stine reintroduces the use of Danish wool transformed into the clothing of unique design ready for the international fashion scene.

Sustainable wool sweater

An Exceptional Creativity, Combined with a True Pioneer Spirit

Coming from a creative Danish family, Stine always knew that she wanted to become an entrepreneur and to work in fashion design. As a young girl, she often saw her mother sewing and weaving, and together they visited local sheep farms in order to buy wool yarn.

The good childhood memories such as seeing and playing with the sheep gave her an early appreciation for the animals as well as for the qualities of wool. As a young design student, Stine was determined to prove the benefits of Danish wool in clothing and additionally that material often considered old-fashioned and itchy was a valuable resource.

Wool an Unused European Resource

In Denmark, as well as in the rest of Europe, sheep are mainly bred for meat and milk. The wool considered a by-product with no value is often thrown away or burnt.

Moreover, Stine mentions that presently in the textile industry wool is usually imported from New Zealand, Australia, South America and China. The imported wool comes from highly industrialized productions, where traceability and information about the well-being of the sheep are lacking.

At SANDERMANN Stine makes it a point to be present during the shearing of the sheep. She even knows the names of the sheep that have provided their wool to her collections.

Stine Sandermann

Designer Stine Sandermann

SANDERMANN sustainable wool creations

Bringing Creative Ideas to Life

Stine has never been dictated by trends instead she has a highly creative approach to her designs and enjoys experimenting with very abstract themes often related to nature and art. She has for example found inspiration in lighthouses, insects trapped in amber and dramatic stories about shipwrecks.

Butterfly wings are the source of inspiration in her upcoming collection. Here Stine’s creative process begins by photographing the butterfly wings and creating textile samples based on their textures and colors. Once she is satisfied by the result, Stine puts the textile samples on a mannequin and photographs it. Finally, she transforms the textiles into clothing on her computer.

Bringing her ideas to life is a long and constant battle of creating, trying and testing. However, in 2018 all her efforts paid off, and Stine won the Netherlands’ “Fashion Makes Sense Award.” An award that is specifically intended to support sustainable designers for them to further develop their talents.

Educating the Consumer through a Sustainable Design

Passionate about creating unique designs, Stine loves daring and playful pieces that make a statement. It is Stine’s way of making the consumers aware of the benefits of local Danish material and a more sustainable fashion.

Of course, she recognizes that it is far from everyone in Denmark who is looking for a daring and playful design. Therefore, it is important for Stine to offer a wide range of designs that enable many tastes and preferences to benefit from Danish wool clothing. Soon, her collections will include accessories and bags. She is also considering men’s wear.

In conclusion, Stine Sandermann has not only shown the endless possibilities and benefits of Danish wool but indeed, that it is possible to make a unique design that catches the eye at an international level.

The Properties of Wool

Wool is long lasting, and it lets the skin breathe. It has self-cleaning properties, it does not need frequent washing. It does not wrinkle and therefore does not have to be ironed. It’s a naturally renewable fiber and 100% biodegradable.


And, a good wool sweater is an investment for life.