Design Rocket

Children's storage furniture – 100% handmade in Denmark


Design Rocket always uses high-quality FSC-certified wood produced in the EU.

• Poplar plywood, made in Italy. The large quantity and speed of growth means that poplar trees cause minimal destruction of biodiversity when they are cut down.

Recyclable Valchromat plates, made in Portugal from forest waste. One of the most environmentally friendly products.

Valchromat is, on average, 30% stronger than MDF, water resistent and food approved.


Design Rocket designs their own products, and everything is handcrafted at their own workshop in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Design Rocket only produces on demand and has no unnecessary overproduction.

In order to minimize waste, all excess materials are stored and creatively reused in other products.


All FSC-certified wood from European forests.

Design Rocket is currently in the process of becoming FSC-certified company.

Sales and distribution

Price indications : Teddy Zoo : small 94€, big 121€ / Bookshelf : 34€ / Stackingbox : 30€ / Rocket shelf : 57€.

Design Rocket is currently looking to extend their sales network in Europe.

Lena and Lars Vilstrup-Sørensen,
Founders Design Rocket

With the launch of Design Rocket in March 2020, we decided to go all in on our dream: Making handcrafted, classic and sustainable children’s furniture that inspires children to play more.

”Through Design Rocket, we design and produce handmade, FSC-certified wooden furniture for the children’s room. We produce in our own workshop on demand, hence aiming our production to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.”

Childrens' storage furniture that inspires children to play more

Our Zoo for stuffed animals came to life as we wanted it to be easy for even the youngest kids to store and find their teddy bears. Believe it or not, tidying up also became a playful adventure; Teddy is moving into the zoo!

The idea behind our bookshelf is to give children the possibility to pick a book by its picture cover. Making it quick and easy for the child to find their favourite story.

Eco-friendly wooden kids furniture, 100% made in Europe

At Design Rocket we are solely responsible for all design and production processes. We design our own products and source the most sustainable materials from the EU. Everything is handcrafted at our workshop in Skanderborg, Denmark.

We dream of a circular production and offer TAKE BACK on all furniture in Denmark. Hereby, we ensure that the materials are living as long as possible and for more then just one consumer. With our expansion in Europa we are also looking into how we can offer TAKE BACK there.