Rethinking Danish waste wool for a fashionable and responsible statement


Wool that would otherwise have been discarded are sourced directly from Danish sheep breeders.


100% made in Denmark. The wool is entirely sourced from Danish sheep breeders and processed at one of few remaining spinning mills on the island of Funen.
The yarns are knitted into garments at the SANDERMANN studio in Ikast, Denmark.


Stine Sandermann personally collects the wool and even knows the names of the sheep that have provided their wool to her collections. This way she is sure that the animals have been well-treated.
SANDERMANN is not certified.

Sales and distribution

• Price indication: Knit: 293€ - 694€ / Hat: 60€.
The knits are made on a made-to-order basis to avoid excess stock.
The knits, yarns and knitting patterns are sold through hand-picked stores and in webshops.
SANDERMANN is looking to exstend her sales network in France and the rest of Europe.

SANDERMANN sutainable wool sweater
Sustainable wool sweater
SANDERMANN wool sweater

Through SANDERMANN my goal is to reintroduce the use of Danish wool and to show the unlimited potential of a natural and local material as well as a responsible fashion that is far from boring.

Bringing Creative Ideas to Life

I am constantly experimenting with my designs and creative processes. My creations have never been dictated by trends. Instead, I like to be inspired by very abstract themes often related to nature and art. For example, I have found inspiration in lighthouses, insects trapped in amber and dramatic stories about shipwrecks. In my upcoming collection my approach has been to observe Butterfly wings from a new angle.

Soon, my collections will also include accessories and bags.

Educating the Consumer through a Sustainable Design

It is often a big surprise when I explain that my designs are 100% made in Denmark, from Danish wool. It is my way of making the consumers aware of the benefits of local Danish material and to promote a more sustainable fashion.

In 2018 my efforts paid off, and I won the Netherlands’ “Fashion Makes Sense Award.” An award that is specifically intended to support sustainable designers for them to further develop their talents.

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