Schulz by Crowd

Timeless and sophisticated design with intricate details


Organic GOTS certified cotton.
TENCEL Lyocell, made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms.
100% Silk.
Organic Milk fiber. Made of discarded organic milk unsafe for human consumption.
Seashell buttons. Made of leftover seashells from mussels cultivated to the food industry.

SbC collaborate with the Danish consulting company “Sourcing House” to ensure that all suppliers meet their ethical values.


The organic cotton is cultivated in Turkey and made into fabrics in Portugal. TENCEL is manufactured in Portugal and the silk in China. The clothing is sewn in Bulgaria.
Two collections annually: spring/summer and autumn/winter.

All suppliers must sign a Code of Conduct made by Schulz by Crowd, based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.


GOTS certified organic cotton.
All suppliers use colors and chemicals that meet the REACH regulation, - an EU regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

Sales and distribution

Price indication: Shirts: 120€ / Dresses: 147€ - 174€ / Pants: 160€ - 174€
Schulz by Crowd is currently looking to extend their sales network in Europe. Small boutiques, webshops as well as retailers.


Marie Schulz Kjær, Founder

A foundational love for natural materials and high quality craftsmanship have shown me that it is possible to change the concept of traditional fashion and ever-changing trends. At Schulz by Crowd it is essential for me to offer timeless, sophisticated and long-lasting fashion produced with care for the environment and the people involved.

It takes a crowd to create unique pieces that speak to the heart

The name “Schulz By Crowd” is derived from my collaboration with a large network of more than 100 skilled fashion and print designers. Each designer is invited to contribute to the creation of a new collection. The design process always begins with a “CrowdBible”, a visual presentation that frames the vision for the collection. The designers then send in their design ideas that are finally brought together to form an exquisite, streamlined collection that embodies intricate details.

Respect for the environment and people

All our partners must sign our own Code of Conduct based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact concerning human rights, work, environment and anti-corruption.

In accordance with these principles, we are fully aware of the fact that it is a joint effort and responsibility to help our suppliers enable sustainable manufacturing and to guarantee a long-term collaboration based on respect and trust. As a consequence we always encourage our suppliers to apply fair prices and reasonable delivery times.