The Best of Scandinavian Fashion

Njord Creations is the first platform that connects French retailers and consumers with with the most sustainable and innovative Scandinavian brands.

The Scandinavian Spirit and Respect for the Environment

All brands presented on the site stand out with their own unique style as well as their source of inspiration rooted in the Scandinavian nature and spirit.

Additionally, respect for the environment as well as safe and healthy working conditions are at the core of their vision, and the brands emphasize these values by being completely transparent. At Njord Creations it is of great importance to us to share the commitments and stories that have shaped the brands.

Njord Creations mission is to:

Offer products that match your values as well as the style that you are looking for

Support you in building a long lasting collaboration with Scandinavian brands

A Source of Inspiration

The textile industry is not only one of the most polluting industries, it is also accused of inhumane working conditions.

It is our wish to see a more committed industry, and we therefore hope to inspire everybody by regularly sharing initiatives taken by the Scandinavian fashion industry.

We are looking forward to writing a new chapter for the fashion industry with all of you