Scandinavian Sustainable Brands Ambassador in France

Written by Alixe Averty and Anne Jørgensen

In recent years the environmental and sustainability debate in Scandinavia has become inevitable and omnipresent.

This debate has thus opened my eyes to the immense environmental and human consequences caused by a textile industry most often driven by profit. Concurrently, these alarming findings also have furthered my insights into an industry undergoing positive change.

An important driving force behind this change is new sustainable and innovative brands. All setting environmental and human values as well as the search for superior quality beyond the sole pursuit of profit.

Njord Creations, a concept adapted to Scandinavian sustainable brands

Through my role as Ambassador of Scandinavian brands I quickly realised the importance to create a concept adapted to the business models of new sustainable brands, in order to make them visible internationally.

With Njord Creations, my goal is:

  • To offer a web site that connects French retailers and consumers with Scandinavian brands. Revealing entrepreneurial stories and sustainable commitments in full transparency.
  • To assist the fashion brands in building long-lasting international business relationships.
Ambassadrice des marques durables scandinaves

Anne Jørgensen, Scandinavian Sustainable Brands Ambassador

Together we can build a more responsible industry

Being Danish and living in France, I often experience a great interest in Scandinavian design, its simplicity and clean lines.

Further, I have delighted in working with both French and Danish fashion professionals who have met me with genuine interest, openness and willingness to collaborate and to discuss solutions agreeing on the common goal: to facilitate a transition into a more responsible industry.

Surrounded and encouraged by this enthusiasm and energy, I am therefore more than ever determined to contribute to a successful transformation of one of the most polluting industries.

I am looking forward to writing a new chapter with all of you